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The San Jose Sharks lost 1-0 against St. Petersburg. Louis Blues on Saturday. It looks like they’ve trodden the rough seas as they need to be prepared for a completely different style of play in the second leg against the Chicago Blackhawks. On Sunday, they have to get ready for a high-scoring game as the Chicago Blackhawks and their many guns lead the Western Conference with 96 goals scored.

The shark is probably in a whirlpool right now.

Sunday December 11
NHL Odds: Blackhawks -130

Shark attack:

Sharks can take the victory in this battle as there are several reasons why they should do something different. The Blackhawks have had a problem with the goalkeeping controversy to fill their hands. This stems from the fact that Corey Crawford has been struggling over the last few weeks and substitute Ray Emery has outperformed him. Crawford has conceded 17 goals in his last five starts while notching a GAA 4.08 in that span. And it’s not as if he’s faced a thousand shots as he’s only stopped 116 of 133 shots in five games which gives the percentage that equates to 0.872. If there is anything that can increase Shark’s offense then it is none other than the struggling goalkeeper.

Blackhawks Up:

The Blackhawks had a smooth road to victory because the Sharks were almost drowning in fear. On 23 November, the Sharks won 1–0 and that was the last time they had met. Since then, the Sharks have had only two wins in their last seven matches. Even though they topped Dallas 5-2 earlier this week, they saw their score drop as they only have eight goals in their other six games. Martin Havlat has only had four assists in his last 14 games while Patrick Marleau has only had one goal in his last six.

Also the Blackhawks were rested as opposed to the restless Sharks who had back to back play on the road. Blackhawk is actually the highest scoring team in the Western Conference and they probably won’t have to work hard to get back at the drowning Sharks.

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