The players will receive a type of penalty during the match. If some players are removed from the match, they are disqualified, they can only rest in the changing room. Several players will replace the goalkeeper to be punished at the penalized table.


During match time a penalty must be taken. However, free kicks are included.

Minor Punishment and Team Minor Punishment
If a team member gets a small penalty without a goalkeeper, he will be kept off the ice for two minutes. No replacement permits at this time. This penalty can be lifted by the Bruins Jerseys team. When there is a shortage of players due to minor penalties and minor team penalties, the opposing side scores and the first to be punished must accept the penalty voluntarily.

Good punishment

There will be five minutes of departure as a big penalty as long as the players get the first big penalty. Substitutions are not permitted at this time. One of the members must have demobilized in the same match. Because this was the second time he had been awarded a major penalty or for fighting back, pushing clubbing high, beating, stabbing and banging hard walls to get the big punishment. Something changed after five minutes. This is a severe punishment and a serious breach of discipline.

Breaking discipline

Members will have the possibility to leave if they receive a disciplinary offense penalty. However, his successor was permitted immediately. Only when one member gets the second offense disciplinary penalty in a single match will he or she get a painful penalty of his own accord. Players who receive serious and special penalties must leave the match to arrive at the dressing room during the break. However, it allowed other team players to replace him in no time.

Remove disqualified matches

If a player has a penalty removing disqualification, they will go to the changing room after leaving the match. Five minutes later, another team member is allowed to take his place.

Penalty for free ball

Only if one team gets a free ball penalty from a small penalty, the opposing team has the right to punish it to a free ball or receive a small penalty. Some of the more serious penalties lead to free ball while teams will get free ball penalties and other penalties.

Penalty for goalkeeper foul

If a goalkeeper gets a small penalty, a big penalty and violates discipline, then there is no need to be punished at the penalty table. What’s more, there is one player who broke discipline during the match and he can replace the goalkeeper to get the published table. The team has the right to select this player to be punished. But goalkeepers have penalties that are more serious than other penalties; he will drop out of the match. Meanwhile; there are other goalkeepers and skaters to take their place.
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