Have you ever walked into a busy retail store, and heard a patron say, “this place must make a lot of money”? Obviously this analysis was based solely on the number of people in the shop at the time. Then maybe a year later, the same establishment is closed. That same patron may be wondering what happened.

Many people like to watch hockey matches, why is that?

They understand how the game works; enjoy evaluating and watching their favorite players in action. These fans will stay up to date with developments, go to actual matches, have long discussions with friends, watch sporting events, and read newspapers. In this way they can study the players, know their statistics, and can give an educated opinion on the game of hockey. Most types of dye enthusiasts love the game, and some may agree with me when I use the term obsessed. If some of these fans consider dedicating themselves in the same way to business, they could be very successful !!!

How is hockey related to understanding business?

  • The players are your employees.
  • Your fans are loyal customers.
  • Referees are government bodies that enforce the law.
  • Statistics are your business numbers.
  • Passion comes from within. 

Final thoughts

It is very important to have proper business training before traveling alone. This way you have a clear understanding of how the game works, and what it takes to become an expert at it. The patrons in the shop are just fans who are impressed, but don’t know how to play the game. There is nothing wrong with that, and everyone has the right to his opinion. But maybe the next time you hear someone say, this shop makes a lot of money , hope you get a better awareness of the business game !!!

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